Christopher Forgues
April 9 – May14, 2022



Greenpoint Terminal Gallery is proud to present Lifeline, an exhibition of 75 new drawings by Christopher Forgues.

“These drawings were made privately with no intention of sharing them with anyone. I wanted to draw with a completely open attitude - nothing to prove. I sometimes didn’t like them when I first made them but later grew excited to see them, and developed favorites. Like other projects that grew in significance it started small and secret. Eventually I became very preoccupied with them, and began to feel they were fixing problems for me.

People are constantly striving to be impressive. I wanted to avoid that and allow myself to draw in the morning, at night, in the day. In public, in bed, while eating, after waking, right before sleep, drunk, high, sober, tired, alert, focused, distracted. The mysterious and the banal are hopelessly mixed together and drawing is life.

Since conceiving the show, I’m not sure about the future of my mindset while doing these drawings. It’s probably time to find another way to trick myself into feeling free.”

Christopher Forgues is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. He makes comics and drawings, music with homemade electronic instruments, and lamps. He has published and exhibited internationally and has created illustrations for Triple Canopy, Vice, Richardson, and The New York Times.